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Share This Video - Old MacDonald Had A Farm

There are several ways to share my videos:

Share A Link

Here is the link to share this video: target="_blank"

This link can be used on your website or blog, on your social media pages or even in emails you send to friends or those on an opt-in email list. The video will actually play on my website. This link is designed to open the video on a new page so you don't lose the visitor to your site.

Embed The Video

This way the video plays on your own webpage or blog.

Here is the embed code you can copy and paste to embed this cartoon on your page:

Sharing On Social Media

Here is a trick which has worked for me in the past. When you create a posting on Facebook or other social media sites, you can upload an image, such as a banner ad, and in the comments add a link to the landing page where you want the visitor to go. Often, though that link won't take them to your website but to an internal page on the social media site. One way around this is to not upload the graphic banner. Instead in your posting box, only put the url you want to link to (this could be the website where you have the cartoon embedded.) The social media site will often pick up the first graphic on your website and display that. So if you embed the cartoon at the very top of your page it will probably display on the social media site, but when people click on it, it will take them to your website instead of an internal page.

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