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I produce cartoon advertising materials for local charities. And I do it for FREE!

I also produce cartoon advertising materials for local businesses. This can be something as simple as banner ads or newspaper or magazine ads, or it can be videos, even animated videos.

I do this for free. For charities, I get nothing out of it. I just want to help the charities in their good work. For private businesses, I charge nothing for the creation of the ads. I place the ads for you in whichever media you choose and you pay the cost for the advertising space. In most instances I get paid a commission by the media sources you choose. If they will not pay me a commission I then charge you 15 percent of your advertising budget as my fee.

I suggest when you run your ads you start with a small test run to determine the response you can expect to get. From there I can assist you in planning larger campaigns.

For local businesses and charities your use is non-exclusive which means I can market the same artwork to other businesses in areas which are not in direct competition with you. For national or regional businesses you pay a flat fee for the artwork, which then becomes your property. The pricing for this is negotiable.

Cartoons are effective for advertising because they attract the prospect's attention. Everyone loves cartoons and their simple, colorful design is a natural for getting attention. This is the most important thing an advertiser can do. Cartoons leave prospects in a receptive mood so they are more apt to pay attention and consider his advertising message.

Here is a sample of a video ad I designed for use by local dog shelters.

If you are interested in having a video produced for your business or charity, please contact me.

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