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Don't You Hate Advertising?

So do I. That's why I try to use as little advertising as possible in my cartoons.

Here's the problem:

A video creator can only get paid for his work in one of two ways. First he can ask you to pay to view his videos. You aren't going to do this! Why would you, especially for short videos?

The other way is with advertising, but that interferes with the enjoyment of watching the videos and it can get very annoying. So on my cartoons the only advertising you will see is the name of the sponsor on the title card (sometimes) and a small call-to-action link at the top of the video frame. Both of these are very unobtrusive and will not ruin your video-watching experience.

My videos appear on my website, but sometimes they can also be seen on youtube. I can't control the ads you have to contend with on youtube and for that reason I recommend you watch the cartoons mostly on my website. On youtube you typically get an ad at the beginning of a video (which you can sometimes skip, but not always), another ad plastered along the bottom of the frame often blocking out part of the picture, and advertising at the end of the video. If the video is of any length you will also have it interrupted to show you one or more additional ads. That's just too much!

I apologize for having to put any ads at all on my cartoons, but the reality is it costs time and money to produce them, so I have no choice. I hope you enjoy my cartoons.

- Ronald Bryce Coleman

If you sign up for notifications, I will notify you by email or text when I release new cartoons. Aside from that there will be no advertising on those messages either.

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