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How I offer you a better deal than many video creators

One thing that is different about my videos is I minimize the advertising which viewers have to contend with. I keep it unobtrusive, yet if you sponsor one of my videos, your name is in front of the viewer continually for almost the entire length of the video. This makes for good brand recognition, even if you don't make immediate sales from your advertising.

If you sponsor one of my videos your name will appear in only two places. Once on the video title page, if I have one, and other than that just as a small call-to-action link appearing at the top of the video frame. Both are unobtrusive and won't sour the viewer's experience, yet your name appears in front of that viewer almost continually throughout the video.

My traffic is generated by paid advertising that I do on social media and other sources. I keep my costs low. For starters I charge about 8 cents for each time the video is viewed. After evaluating how your ad is performing I will adjust that price upward or downward, and of course this pricing is always negotiable with you. Also you can specify a ceiling amount you are willing to pay and I would stop your ad once this ceiling is reached.

I am not a member of youtube's partner program, so I don't usually get any advertising revenues from them. I also have to comply with all their rules regarding sponsored videos, so I can't offer the same features, such as the call-to-action link. For this reason I recommend you limit your sponsorship to my videos appearing on my own website and other sites which embed my videos on their websites. If you want to place your own paid advertising on youtube you could do that, however I believe it would be more costly for you and I'm not so sure you'd get any better results.

If you would be interested in sponsoring any of my cartoon videos, please contact me and we can work out an arrangement that is beneficial to both of us.

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